Reddi, Inc. is a professional engineering services firm that empowers your business to reach its full potential by utilizing data driven, risk-based methodology to accomplish your biggest and most complex tasks.


We are passionate about what we do and take pride in being an advocate for our clients and their cause. Our core values guide us in everything we do and enable us to accomplish great things in partnership with our clients.


We are not just your partner. We are your solution provider!

  1. Strategic Planning
    We begin with the client's end goal in mind. Then, we collaborate with our client to set priorities, focus energy and utilize resources in the most efficient manner. This helps each critical piece of the puzzle fit effectively into the big picture.
  2. Engineering Services
    We add value to your organization by providing you the technical expertise exactly when you need it. We combine our expertise and sound engineering processes with global low-cost options to provide you the best quality at a competitive price.
  3. Construction Management
    We have experience planning and executing complex projects with aggressive timelines. We unite with our client to understand the unique challenges that our client faces and provide alternate delivery processes and options to accomplish the work.
  4. Start-Up Management
    We know our clients are great at what they do! We also know rousources are scarce and adding new capability to an existing operation can be a daunting task. We provide the talent and know-how to establish a sense of urgency and deliver success.
  5. Operational Excellence
    We believe that Operational Excellence is more about business growth than it is about sustaining current good operational practices. We give our clients the benefits of lean and Six Sigma methodologies. This, in turn, gives them time back to invest in the growth of their business.
  6. Business Continuity
    Our scientific, risk-based methodology, helps our client identify the most critical risks their business may face. We then work with our client to put a holistic plan in place to ensure those risks, when they occur, never end up disrupting the flow of business.